Plastic canvas

I had some of this as a kid and endlessly sewed and resewed bits of it together. Now I know what it’s called (thanks Gina Rahman!) I’ve suddenly found all these amazing things you can do with it!

(See what I’m on about in a previous post.)

Plastic canvas is like embroidery fabric but much easier to use, and can be sewn together to make 3D shapes. Here it is in its ‘raw’ state:

It’s available in squares and rectangles that can be cut to size, and in precut shapes including hearts, stars, circles and hexagons.

Here’s a selection of the kits available from You can of course switch up the colours and designs, I would try to put a modern twist on some of these, but it’s amazing to see the range of designs out there and great for inspiration.

Piggy bank

Wall hanging

Doll’s tea set


Gift box


Doll’s house furniture

Sewing accessories



Miniature house

Games (might be my favourite!)

Mini gramaphone

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4 thoughts on “Plastic canvas

  1. I had some of these! I think one might have been a perpetual calendar. There is something so retro about them.

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