Top links for the week – Jubilee bumper edition

In honour of the long weekend, this post is late – how is it that long weekends make a short week seem to last forever!?

Here are some of the interesting, unusual, strange, inspirational links I’ve found over the weekend:


  1. Charlize Theron wears an amazing dress, again!
  2. Drool, a luxurious-looking quilted sofa! (pictured)
  3. London teen finalist on her way to showing designs at London Fashion Week
  4. New York quilter Michael Cummings’ work is on display at a museum in San Diego
  5. In a post-apocalyptic word, this is what you need in your sewing kit


  1. How to sew green
  2. Quilting inspiration anyone? A new book is out too! (pictured)
  3. Two pairs of shorts from one tshirt, tada!
  4. Kid-friendly ideas for simple but impressive breakfasts
  5. Unpaid fashion internships aren’t fair, duh


  1. City in Alaska named the USA’s worst-dressed
  2. The Guardian’s fashion roundup includes the jubilee, futuristic styles and prep for sandal season
  3. Pics from Rio Fashion Week – so many takes on the bikini!
  4. Man fashion – how to separate your suits
  5. TopShop to launch zero-waste line on June 15 (pictured)


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One thought on “Top links for the week – Jubilee bumper edition

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