Loving leather this summer

There’s lots of leather out there at the moment – fashion wise – bags, shoes, even trousers!

This week I’ve been thinking about belts. Skinny, fat, obi, leather, cord.

The problem is – I need a new one and I’m not great shopping for something specific. I get distracted by things on sale, cool prints and bright colours.

Online shopping, I’m hoping, will give me more focus; when I search for ‘belts’, I only get belts.

The one I wear at the moment I bought, I think, when I was about 14.

It’s lasted a surprisingly long time but, it’s black and has skulls on it – so I do actually ‘need’ a new grown up one to hold my trousers up!

It will have to go with jeans so I’m thinking brown/tan, and I want it to be fairly lightweight with a small buckle – large ones just look weird under a tshirt.

Here’s a couple of possibilities!

Fossil via John Lewis: Dark brown with subtle fading to black at the edges, looks sturdy and classic but not so lightweight. However, there is a gorgeous floral detail on the buckle – worth it for this alone!


Cowboys via Sam Brown: Lovely thick leather belt, looks a little heavy but I love how study it looks with the double buckle and the little metal nobs (what do you call these?) to secure the end of the belt.


Rina via Asos: Ok it is black, but the buckle is so pretty!

(£32 sale)

Volcom via Surfdome: The double buckle does look good, but I don’t like the name – ‘ex-boyfriend belt’.


Ralph Lauren via Nordstrom: This one looks fab – the closest to what I want so far. Simple, but with some buckle detail.


Ok, that’s enough brown for one day – I’ll make the next post more colourful!

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