Today’s top links

I’ve decided to post top links once a week instead of using them as an easy filler, the google alerts were also getting on top of me!

The only annoying thig is that you can’t time the alerts – they either come once a week or once a day – google are you listening?

When would you prefer to get your top links from TheMakingBox – Friday morning? Monday afternoon? The weekend?

Here’s this week’s top links:

News: It’s almost spring and even alpacas are leaving their winter clothes behind. No sure who’s idea it was to leave the top long though!

Interview: Find out more about quilting artist Marcia DeCamp here. I just love how she describes sewing as ‘contemporary fiber work’!

News: M&S starts ‘shwopping’ – giving clothes to charity while never having to go into a charity shop.

Blog: London Fashion Week is over but you can still drool over the designs – check out Holly Fullton.

News: Remember to sign up for BBC2’s sewing version of The Great British Bake Off.

News: If you’re in Memphis tomorrow, head over to new store Sew Memphis for their launch day.

Pinterest: See what’s trending with the Pinterest blog .



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