Tutorial: How to make a knitting roll

Select your inside fabric and cut a piece as tall as your longest knitting needle, plus a couple of inches. Width-ways it can be as long as you like – it depends on how many knitting needles you have. Lay them out on the fabric first to get an idea of how wide you need to cut it.

Cut out a piece of backing fabric the same size as the inside fabric – I’ve used lightweight denim for some stability – and a piece for the pocket about half half as tall, and the same width. Like this:

Fold over a 1cm seam on one of the long sides of the pocket piece and press.

Then topstitch.

Place the inside fabric onto the backing, right side out and put the pocket on top. Line the edges up and pin everything together.

Mark vertical lines along the pocket 1-1.5cm apart – check that your knitting needles will fit. You can make some pockets larger than others and tailor it to your collection. I’ve left one large pocket at the end for stitch holders and markers etc.

Sew down these lines, finishing off with a couple of reverse stitches.

When you’ve finished this step thread the loose ends through to the inside, tie off and snip.

Cut a length of bias binding, enough to go all the way round the edge of the knitting roll plus a few inches. and press in half lengthways.

Unfold and pin onto the edge of the fabric, inside-up. Sew along the narrow edge of the binding.

Stop at each corner to work out how much binding you need, I use mitre folds as it’s easy and looks neat.

Fold the binding over and pin.

Top stitch a couple of mm away from the inside edge of the binding to make sure you catch each layer of fabric,

Fuzzy sewing machine not essential to project!

Pop in a piece of ribbon in the middle of one of the short edges and sew under the binding (you can do this on the inside or outside but I think it looks better this way), this will be used to tie up the roll and keep everything in.

That pint glass of purple liquid is blackcurrent squash btw 🙂

Dust off the chalk marks and you’re done!

But, no need to make your own! Visit TheMakingBox etsy shop to see the knitting rolls now available to buy – all in different colours and patterns – go check them out!

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