Storing thread

Last time I took my sewing machine in for a service, the shop was having a sale on boxes of assorted thread:

And, while it really has been great having the right thread for almost every project, and not being worried that I’m going to run out half-way through, storing it is giving me a headache ( I actually do have a headache at the moment but that’s from too much dairy-free chocolate).

What I have at the moment is the flimsy, top-loading box it came in when what I ‘need’ is something like this-ish that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount:

Front or side-loading is fine, the orange on won’t let any dust in, which is preferrable – but finding something that doesn’t cost a first born? Nope.

Searching for ‘carboard paper draws’ got me these:

Like the fold-it-yourself ones from Ikea – which would be perfect but as far as I can tell they’ve been discontinued. And the stripy ones are from Alibaba, a wholesalers.

Lovely Ikea still carries these three beauties but, no paper trays!

My search continues……

During my obsessive 20-tab google search I also came across:

The Holding Company – Fantastic storage/organising/cool box company who deliver to the UK but would charge £25 for one A4-shaped box, and I’m looking for a stack.

Searching for ‘organising’ on pintrest makes me drool. Literally drool.

The Container Store – American, sadly, but fan-bloody-tastic products.

Unclutter blog – all about organising and uncluttering.

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