The world is my knitted oyster

This weekend’s activities included giving sewing machine lessons to my other half, figuring out a quilt, knitting three right-footed booties because I left the pattern at work and can only remember how to do one side, and ribbon weaving. And knitting a heart and making another knitting roll.



Figuring out how to read knitting patterns has been awesome. There are so many more possible things I can make, and I’ve been looking at online patterns thinking – ‘yea I’ll give that a go’ instead of ‘holy cr*p what does that mean’ – great confidence boost.

I’m going to give these ones a go now:


Looking for things to knit I’ve discovered vintage patterns, loads of free designs and the cutest elephants ever!


And pig booties!


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One thought on “The world is my knitted oyster

  1. I recently made some knitted baby toys and apparel. I look forward to seeing yours!

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