Top links for the end of the week

News: First lady fashion-off between Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron, I know who my money’s on.

Blog: Sewing room clean out – love it!

News: More men take up sewing lessons, it’s surprising how people learn differently.

How to: Make a portable sewing kit out of a book.

News: A civil war era sewing time capsule is uncovered in New England.

News: A quilt signed by Bush is donated to a Maine library. Eek imagine sleeping under that!

Interview: The perils of starting your own business, but on the good side you get to make pretty things for a living.

News: Tracing history through quilt design – it works in Hawaii too

News: Art teacher makes quilts inspired by the Hadron Collider.

How to: How to use an old sewing machine table.

Very exciting news: Kate Moss to join AbFab for the last of three specials – airs tonight!

News: Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Fashion Africa collection  nominated for London Design Museum’s Design of the Year Award.

Blog: Signs of spring are everywhere.

Blog: Can you ‘kill your darlings’? I tend to be a bit of a hoarder.

News: Anyone for mantyhose?

These google alerts have included the most interesting ones so far;  a woman with a DVD player in her ‘sewing’ room and a teen who managed to sew through part of his anatomy, but I’ll leave those for you to find 🙂

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