I love organising. When I was young I would spend ages rearranging my room, putting possessions into different boxes and containers.

I still have a thing for rearranging, and for small boxes, but now we have the internet which just feeds the addiction šŸ™‚

Here are some of the best ideas I’ve found for organising sewing stuff:

Making the most of no wall space:

Fab fabric storage, and colourful too:

Imagine this with sewing things attached, cool hey?

Awesome idea for knitting needles (or you could buy a MakingBox knitting needle roll):

Now, you do have to eat a lot of jam for this one:

Keep all the essentials to hand when at your sewing machine:

What to do if you have lots of wall space, or door space:

Not technically organising, but a glass-fronted cabinet makes it that much easier:

Sewing pattern pockets for extra, extra storage:

Sew many ways’s room looks fantastic, but best of all – she made almost everything in it!

Here you can make your own organiser:

Magnet boards:

Bolt a piece of plywood to a vegetable rack and use the shelves for storage:

Peg boards, awesome things:

Suitcase sewing kit, very cute but not so practical:

Hardware supplies for sewing gear:

Straw dispensers for ribbon, very cool:

Cupcake pans are useful when you need to have beads/buttons/etc to hand:

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2 thoughts on “Organising(!)

  1. A interesting blog post there mate ! Cheers for that .

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