Links for today

Morning world, here are today’s link:

TV: As much as I like trashy TV, and fashion shows, NBC’s new show ‘Fashion Star’ may annoy me too much to watch.

News: 100 years of Girl Scout uniforms celebrated in Colorado.

Exhibition: If you’re passing through San Fransisco Internation any time soon look out for the sewing machine exhitibion in terminal 3.

Blog: Make wearable art with SewWeekly – do you think it looks European?

Blog: Top tips for quilters – number three includes a beach towel, but for what?

Blog: If you’ve never tried Hawian quilting, take a look at this picture:

Blog: Ever feel too old for zebra print and neon bras? Me too.

Blog: Learning to sew by yourself can be tricky, check out new video tips from PBS show It’s So Easy.

News: Second print run for The Collette Sewing Handbook. (Remember to sign up for weekly tips.)

Blog: Going through your fabric stash can turn up some forgotten ideas for things to make.

Blog: If it looks pretty, and costs $1 – then it can be used to make things!

Research: The New York Public Library and Fashion Institute of Technology have started a digital archive of fashion drawings and sketches by André Fashion Studios – woop woop!

News: Oh, and the ‘dark seacret’ of fashion has been revealed by Nicole Farhi.

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