Deciphering knitting patterns

At the moment, knitting patterns look like a foreign language but I’m going to give one a go. Start out easy I’m thinking, so……booties. Because a friend wants to make a pair not because I’m nesting!

Then I can move on to more complicated things and eventually, I hope, something like this:


Casting on and off, knit and purl stitch, and making deliberate holes (this is a real thing) are just about all I can do so far so but by the end of this I’ll be able to ‘yarn forward’. Whatever that is.

The pattern is English but comes care of South Africa, from my MIL’s collection. The white one looks more decorative – translation: complicated – and the orange one has button hole so the blue one it is.

Here goes!

*Ok, five-minute later update, that deliberate hole thing I was doing is knitting the ‘yarn forward’. Sweet 🙂

*Two-hour later update, it didn’t help starting the wrong pattern – the orange one – but two hours later I have two bits of knitting held on three needles and am still confused.

So now for the blue one.

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