Jewellery storage

Oh the age-old problem of jewellery storage…..

I like it but don’t wear it enough, and need to have it somewhere visible so I don’t forget it’s there.

At the moment I have something that should look like this but instead is a sad, butterfly-like imitation.


Image(wall-mounted-mannequin –

Usually if I can’t find something I want, and I can be picky, I make it. So here’s some inspiration:


I really like this but need a studio or larger flat to pull it off.


Hmm, hanger twisting?


This looks good on plain walls but to leave that many holes in a rented place? Eish.



This is fantastic, I actualy want to try making it.



Looks good for earings but what about studs? And long necklaces?


I imagine this goes in your wardrobe, but I think things would fall off.


Love it also, and with the necklaces in the frame a few pictures above – perfect match. I tried something like this once with x-stitch fabric and an embroidery hoop – it didn’t  look half as cool 🙂




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