Every so often I’ll get an idea and will obsessively Google it for a few days/week until I’ve figured out how to do it or given up on the idea.

My latest thing is being able to use snap on feet on my Enla.

I have several snap on feet for my back up machine, including a bias binder foot (!!!), but want to use them on my regular Elna.

So, first came figuring out what kind of attachment I had, then what kind of converter I would need. There are high shank, low shank and slanted shank, but that one is only for singers.

Using that word sounds really strange to me as in my high school slang, a shank was something you would stab someone with!

Most machines (I assume, except maybe older non-electric ones) have feet that you can detach. The gap between the foot plate and the thumb screw (used to keep the foot in place) is how to find out what kind of shank you have.

Like so:

I think I have a high shank. So now I just need to mission to find an adaptor. One mission at a time though peeps.

(I also spotted this in my online travels and now I want one, despite ever having sewn a quilt in this style. BTW this is a low shank attachment.)


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