Paper hearts

These are easy to make and look great – and all you need is a sheet of paper, a ruler, a pen and a pair of scissors. Put cookies, chocolates or sweets in and they make cute presents.

(pic of finished one, coloured paper)

First, gather your tools.

Fold the piece of paper in half and in half again:

Cut the paper in half along the second fold so you have two pieces. Fit one piece inside the other so that each cut will be in the same place.

Now comes measuring and cutting the ‘fingers’ that are woven together. Using an A4 piece of paper means there is just enough space for five fingers at 2cm each. Measure from the folded edge, 10cm up the paper (5x2cm=10cm) and mark five lines:

To make the finished article heart-shaped, the top of the paper will be cut into a dome. Fold the paper in half to make both sides even and cut as shown from this:

To this:

Next, cut along the lines marked earlier. Cut about half a centimetre extra to make the fingers easier to weave together.

You’ll end up with two pieces like these, I’ve coloured one in with biro as I don’t have any coloured paper 🙂

Now you can start weaving them together. As the two bits are cut on a fold, each ‘finger’ is a loop of paper. Pass the first one though then around the loops on the second piece of paper like this:

Keep going:

And eventually it will look like this!

Make sure it still opens up:

And you’re done 🙂

Fill it with cookies, sweets or anything else you can think of….

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